Selva Rica is pleased to announce it's support of the Brus Rubio Churay Art School in Pucaurquillo, Peru.

Brus Rubio Churay is a painter from the Bora and Huitoto Nations located in the Amazon Rainforest of Pucaurquillo, Peru.  He has been painting professionally for nearly a decade and has become a leading figure among indigenous artists in Peru.  Now Brus is working to bring his knowledge and talents back to his community by founding the Brus Rubio Churay Art Center.  Here, students from the surrounding Bora and Huitoto communities will learn the foundations of traditional art, ancient cosmology, and self expression through creative arts. 

Ever since Brus began his career as an artist nearly a decade ago, his ultimate aspiration has been to found a cultural art center in his village.  And there has never been a greater need.  Over the last 60 years, Brus' village has become a major center for Evangelist missionaries.  Because of the missionaries presence, the practice of traditional culture, telling of ancient tales, the speaking of one's own language, and even the practice of painting have been shunned by the church.  Now very few young people hold the knowledge of their own culture, and it will most certainly vanish within a generation without a space where young people can learn freely without fear of persecution.

In order to make this dream a reality, Brus must raise enough funds to secure a location in his village from which the school can grow.  Therefore, Brus has put 15 new panels of work up for sale.  We cordially invite you to make a contribution to this effort through the purchase of one of these unique and spectacular paintings. %100 of the proceeds from the paintings you purchase will go directly to the founding of the Brus Rubio Churay Art Center in Pucaurquillo, Peru.

Brus' works are all done on a panel of Llanchama tree bark, and painted with pigments derived from a range of plants originating in the Amazon Rainforest.  Brus' style evokes traditional Huitoto cosmological imagery and portrays traditional folktales.  In Brus' paintings the viewer will find themselves transported to a completely different and magical universe - far from modernity- dancing with natural and spiritual entities. Brus manages to depict a visual allegory within these worlds by bending realism, space, and the depth of field; constructing a kind of dream like lens through which the unimaginable is fully realized, and a clear lesson is learned.  His style is Dali-esqu in it's surrealism, and yet remains uniquely Amazonian as he draws from a range of traditional archetypes that speak directly to his cultural heritage. Even day to day genre scenes evoke a sense of otherworldliness as humans consult with jaguars and snakes .  Yet this is indeed the world Brus and his ancestors come from.   

And it is a world that is rapidly vanishing.  In all Brus' paintings one gets the sense that each panel is conjuring a collective memory in a bold statement of survival and resistance to the encroaching dominant culture.

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